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From the Corporate World to Media Entrepreneur: An Interview with Isabella Akinseye

Isabella Akinseye is a media entrepreneur, educationist and a seasoned compere. She has hosted several TV and radio programmes including; The FrontPage, The Movie Buff Show, Correct Student, Rubbin Minds, Untold Facts and The...

Turn Your Ideas into a Business: Interview with Stella Micheal Ofori.

Stella Micheal Ofori is a startup strategist, business consultant, and founder of STELLARPRENEURS, an organization that teaches mompreneurs and late bloomers how to develop their business ideas. She is also the director of AIDLIVESTRUST;...

Entrepreneurship in the Health sector

People think of entrepreneurship as something hard, something only those who have a degree in Business Administration or Marketing can do. Hang on, you are not alone in this thought. I used to think...