Elon Musk: The 5 Fundamental Values of the World’s Number 1 Richest Man

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Elon Musk, the current world’s richest man is a native of South Africa.

His story is one of incredibility and remarkably inspiring for Africans. He became the world’s richest, because He lived only by highly productive codes.

His codes and practices deprived and dispossessed him of early stage gratification, leading to his immense success — a feat that you too can achieve if you will in turn, commit Yourself to his codes and practice.

1 – Integrity

The history of Elon Musk childhood revealed that Elon’s mom — Mrs. Musk; reverred values, principles and transparency. She instilled these values in Elon in his boyhood, and he grew with it. Integrity came natural for him and he built upon that foundation,such that he subsequently elicited trust from people around him easily. Elon built a very successful online payment and wire platform — PAYPAL. Sources reveal PayPal was becoming so rich, it was speculated to overthrow the world Bank, in 2055.

2 – Tenacious Salesperson

One key attribute every successful businessperson has is tenacity. Elon has that attribute in abundance; and this has distinguished him as a top salesman. Always daring and selling 24/7, Elon has gotten so good that his every uttered word makes sense and sells. Elon sold us to Mars & his space dream through his SpaceX Corporation. Through his dream, the idea of going to Mars — to enjoy a holiday in space, a vacation in space is one that has become appealing to most people. Elon is a big dreamer, and he knows so well how to sell his BIG dreams.

3 – Discipline

Elon is not the only innovative tech entrepreneur in the world, but his discipline makes the difference. The number of tech entrepreneurs who has made money from tech is fairly uncountable. These entrepreneurs found and sell out their companies for billions.It can be highly rewarding, if you are not only brilliant to make money, but you are disciplined to multiply your wealth, especially, if you have to delay your gratification and retirement like Elon Musk.

4 – Investment

Elon is arguably a huge inspiration to our world. Less than 0.000001% of the World’s population today has the manner of discipline Elon possesses to envision a bright future for himself — a wealthy future and actually invest himself in it. Elon sold PayPal for $1.5B in, October 2002, and invested his cut into his wildest dreams — SpaceX and Tesla. Currently, his investment is paying off, as the US government and nations, interested in Space projects, are seeking to purchase Space vehicles and space technology from Elon Musk.And his tesla cars? Odds are that if you have the wherewithal, you will be tempted to purchase a Tesla, if YOU haven’t already.

5 – Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a simple 9-letter word. It is the sacred, distinguishing act that separates a broke, delusional entrepreneur from a 9-figure successful entrepreneur. Your seed must be down to yield thousands of more value for you. Think of it; A bag of corn (or maize seeds) could be used to host a party — a delicious corn meal spree – or invested painfully to yield thousands of Tons of more Fresh valuable corn seeds, spread across hundreds of acres of arable land.Elon made unimaginable sacrifices; delaying grarification such that he didn’t derail from his life’s goals and purposes.

If you want to go very far tomorrow, if you want to be very successful and wealthy in your nearest future, you must be willing to sacrifice Your gratifications today.

Know this: 1 seed produces 600 seeds. 1,000,000 seeds produce 600,000,000 seeds. Integrity, Tenacious salesmanship, Discipline, Investments, and Sacrifice are all the attributes you need to make you very rich

So, take that step and invest in your learning, in Your business. Go ahead and take those courses, buy those machinery, hire experts, outsource expertise. Dare to invest excellently and you will have very fat returns knocking on your doors soon.

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