Entertainment Industry: 8 Personality Traits You Need to Excel

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The entertainment industry is one of the most exciting industries to work in. The never-ending drama, blitz and glitz that abounds in this industry can be a fantasy-come-true for those passionate about this industry. In addition, the frequent opportunities to meet, interact and work with people from all walks of life is an upside to working in this industry.

However, growing in this industry can be a fairly difficult task if you do not have the right information at your disposal. Also, you may be wondering if you are truly cut out for a career in this industry.

One thing is certain: this industry requires certain personality traits for one to excel in it. Of course, there are certain personality traits that may be required for a particular field in this industry but not for another field. However, this article focuses on personality traits that cuts across most fields in the entertainment industry.

Want to know what these traits are? Here are the 7 most important traits that you need to excel in this industry;


In another industry, one may be able to excel without having a passion for his job. But this is not the case with the entertainment industry. Today’s modern viewing audience and even the directors of this industry are able to easily spot fairness and this can delay one’s progression to the peak of his career.

Ability to Handle Pressure

The entertainment industry is largely driven by deadlines, short notice meetings and impromptu activities. The luxury of time may not always be there and one may only have a short window of time to accomplish tasks. Being able to handle the pressures that this can generate is a key trait to succeeding in this industry.

Ability to Self-promote

There are basically very few industries that require self-promotion as much as the entertainment industry does. Having great social media skills is key to excelling in this industry. You must understand the politics of self-promotion and leverage on it to show your capabilities.

Communication Skills

This is a no-brainer in this industry, if you ask me. There is barely little you can achieve without communication skills because every step taken in this industry requires effective communication. Once there is a break in communication, things can quickly go haywire and you surely do not want to be known as the one responsible for any hitches.

Creativity Skills

What is entertainment without the creativity and art behind it? Absolutely nothing! If you want to excel rapidly in this industry, you must consciously and constantly feed your creative mind.


Whether onset or offset, nobody wants to have an entertainer who covers or is incapable of delivering on a given job. It is seen as a waste of precious resources. So, if you want to get to the peak of your career rapidly, make conscious efforts to always depict confidence.


Nobody wants an unoriginal entertainer; somebody who lives in the shadow of another person by copying her actions. Always remember that your unique perspective and attributes are some of the best qualities that you can ever bring to this industry.

Ability to Recognize and Leverage on Opportunities

So many entertainers have attributed their immense success to their ability to recognize opportunities. Like how Harris Ford, a mere carpenter at a movie studio, jumped at an opportunity to audition for a movie role in the “Star Wars” movie.

You must never wait to be called out, especially if you are just starting out in this industry. Show up everyday, so you can be known for your consistency. Maximize the little opportunities that comes your way because they are laying the foundation for your big break.

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