Most people assume that living a healthy lifestyle only requires making the right choices of food. In reality, there are other facets to it that we do not always take it consideration. Whether you are hoping to live longer than Methuselah or content with just living a few fulfilling years of your life on Earth, the fact still remains that your choice of living can make all the difference.

No matter how it is said, we all know how arduous and unpleasant it can be incorporating those foods that we know are healthy choices for ourselves and families, because they are not usually as sweet as junk foods. It is even worse now that the world is in a chaotic state of health and are just struggling to eat three square meals a day.

So, what if we choose greasy high-calorific junk food over a dish of fresh salad and fruits? We could die any day now, right? Wrong! If anything, this is the period to practice healthy-lifestyle-living. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to keep your immune system as high as possible. What more, every organ of your body may thank you in your later years of life.

Contrary to what you might believe, there are simple ways that you can live healthily and heartily. Here’s how to live a healthy lifestyle in five simple steps;

Varieties of fruits and vegetables on a white plate
  1. INCORPORATE FRUITS AND VEGGIES TO YOUR DIET – Remember we said you’d find our tips easy enough to practice, right? Well, the first step is to include one or two of your favorite fruits and vegetables to your meals. There is no need to go all vegetarian or eat unpalatable fruits every day as a complete meal. A few slices or leaves here and there can make a lot of difference. An apple a day, they say, keeps the doctor away.
Assorted vegetables in ziploc bags

TIP: If you cannot get fruits and vegetables daily as you would like to, consider improvising as much as possible. Stock up on fruits and vegetables like carrots, green beans, peas, cabbage e.t.c., cut them, and store in a ziploc bag at refrigeration temperature. This can stay for as long as six months if stored well.

Assorted fruits and a glass of juice made from fruits on a table

2. GO EASY ON SUGARY AND/OR ALCOHOLIC DRINKS – We all know that sugary or alcoholic drinks can lead to diabetic or lung issues. But hey, man has still got to drink and definitely not water all the time, right? Rather than take bottles of those unhealthy sugary or alcoholic drinks each day/week, consider alternating a few times in a week of months with healthy wines, probiotic drinks, or even fruit-based juices.

TIP: If you cannot lay your hands on healthy drinks, then take water instead rather than binge on unhealthy alternatives. All in all, gradually decreasing the amount of unhealthy sugary and alcoholic drinks you take in a week is the way to go. And the best news yet is that your pocket would thank you for it!

Display of food on a white table

3. INCLUDE YOUR FAVORITE FOOD INGREDIENT OR RAW FOOD MATERIAL – I have a friend whose favorite food ingredient is a spice called turmeric. Even though she liked junk foods, but she would also eat any healthy food so far she could perceive the aroma of the spice. And so, we figured out a million and one ways to creatively incorporate this spice into healthy foods. A lot of us are like that. If you have a favorite ingredient or raw food material, learn to creatively incorporate it into healthy choices of food.

A woman skipping with a green rope

4. STAY FIT – Most people plead guilty or tired once exercise is mentioned. But what if you thought exercising could be fun too? Would it still be such an arduous task for you to take regularly? A walk around the neighborhood in the evening, jogging in the early morning, skipping in your house, or even swimming e.t.c are some of the fun exercises you could take regularly without dropping dead.

5. SHUN NEGATIVITY AND TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS – There are instances where one can live on purely healthy choices of foods and even exercise regularly, yet does not seem healthy and spends more time at the hospital than anywhere else. The answer is never too far. Examine your mindset and your relationships. You could be in a toxic relationship for all you know. If you are in one, know that stuffing your mouth all day long with fruits and vegetables may not help you. Healthy living entails balancing both your physical and mental health on an equal pedestal, so that none suffers. So, if you are in a toxic relationship, you are better off quitting it for your health’s sake.

There are numerous ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Because our likeness for particular foods may differ, it is important to figure out which foods work for you without being detrimental to your health.

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