Perks of Remote working

Would you rather work remotely or onsite? This is one question I have had posed to me uncountable times by friends and acquaintances having had a taste of both worlds and worked virtually for the most of 7 years.

When the pandemic hit some two years ago, tons of companies and their employees were forced to transition to a virtual workplace. Most onsite workers struggled to adapt and maintain high work productivity. Amidst the upheavals that the pandemic caused, the speculation that virtual working could become a ‘new normal’ gained traction but yet resistance in the minds of some individuals.

While trepidation reigned freely for most onsite workers at the prospect of the ‘new normal’, the same could not be said for virtual workers like me who – dare, I say – enjoy the perks of virtual working. My answer to the question of whether to work remotely or onsite has remained the same, although fine-tuned over the years. I love working virtually and absolutely enjoy the peace that comes with it, especially as it suits my unique preferences and circumstances as an individual.

Faced with the choice of virtual or onsite work, an individual with limited information about remote working can decide negatively against virtual working. While the decision on whether to work virtually or on-site should be based on proper considerations of an individual’s unique circumstances, it is always better to know and consider the pros and cons of both options. In this article, we focus on the perks of remote working for an employee.

1 – Freedom to Travel

Be it to attend a family event or celebrate a partner’s special occasion, there are a host of reasons that could come up and necessitate an individual to travel. Many onsite workplaces have a rule as to the extent and frequency of travelling. This is unlike the virtual workplace where you can travel as often as you like and work from anywhere across the globe. Love travelling but still need to maintain a well-paying job? Think virtual working!

2 – Work in Comfortable Clothing

Comfort means different things to different people. But one of the factors considered to influence comfort is the choice of outfit or dressing. As a remote worker, you are free to choose – to a greater extent – super comfortable clothes to work in, even if it includes your PJs?.

3 – Great Workspace of your choice

Except you are in a top managerial position in your physical workplace, most people hardly get the freedom to choose the kind of workspace they want. Working from home allows you the laxity to design a workspace suited to your taste without fear or inhibition. What more? You also have the freedom to assume any position while working – don’t blame a girl for wanting comfort??.


Studies show that most onsite workers spend a significant part of their lives commuting daily to work. Accidents, snarl traffic, and bad weather conditions are some of the mishaps that commuters can be faced with. Coupled with the insanity of a busy road on every typical work day, numerous studies has shown the mental toll daily commute poses on workers. Working from home saves you from the stress and hassles of road-related mishaps.

5 – Work at your own Pace

Most people feel harried working under constant scrutiny of a manager or supervisor. There is always the possibility of micromanaging and inhibiting the creative juices of an employee, which can be a total turn-off for creative individuals. Remote working does not just allow you to work at your own pace, but also allows your creative skills free rein. With no physical boss breathing down your neck, there is just so much you can achieve?.

6 – Some Level of Independence

For most remote workers, wages are commission-based and depends on the number and type of projects they choose. What this means is that you have a certain level of freedom to choose your own projects as opposed to an onsite employee. This freedom allows you to maximise your time, pioritize tasks and also focus on other hobbies or personal goals.

7 – Some Level of Control over your Earning Power

Having a degree of freedom to choose your projects mean that you also have a level of control over your earning power. In other words, the more projects you choose, the more you are likely to earn.

8 – Freedom to stay indoors when you Want

One understated luxury that people tend to ignore about virtual working is the freedom to stay indoors for however long you want. But for introverts and people who generally enjoy their own company, this is literally the best aspect of working virtually.

What other benefits associated with virtual work do you enjoy? Let us know in the comment section.

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