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Year ends

We have just said goodbye to the first month of the fourth quarter and before you know it,the end of what I call a tremendous year will come. However, before the end finally appears, there are a few things you might want to brush up to help you conquer the goals you will set for the coming year.

Put more effort in the Digital YOU.

If you are not so technology compliant, it’s high time you throw in your weight to become so because the digital world is not phasing out anytime soon. To a large extent, it will influence the degree of progress you will experience in your personal and professional life. The digital world has made the universe a global village. If it is essential for every business, enterprise or organization to be found through a simple Google search, it is more so important for you to be found because this is the age of personal brands. What will prospective employers or business associate see when they need more information about you or the work you do? Will they find vague information that will put some other candidate or prospective business partner ahead of you or solid data that will make you the right choice?


Revamp Your Professional Image

If more than two people have told you to rev up the way you look, you should do something about it. The way you look somehow tells about what is going on in your mind. There is a standard way to look professional. Your professional appearance could affect the way you are perceived at work or in public and thus indirectly impact your output or deliverables. I recall a former colleague always wearing suits that were oversized and colours that were inappropriate. His sense of style sent lots of wrong signals. It affected the extent to which he was taken seriously both among peers and by senior colleagues.



Deepen Your Relationships and Network

How will you feel if someone you last spoke with a few years ago bumped into you with a request? It would feel awkward right? So, you should invest in those relationships you have because they are your eyes and ears in places where your feet have never been. As the year ends consider reconnecting with your dominant ties.Put a call through, send a message, and pay a visit. Taking a cue from Marrisa King, don’t let the loneliness epidemic get to you. Do something to keep your relationships flourishing so that when you want to ask for help, it will come naturally.

Year Ends  




Mentor Someone

Are you in a place of influence or power whether small or big but you are reserved? As the year ends consider if It’s time to stretch by mentoring someone. Mentoring can provide career advancement.You will derive benefits such as a sense of purpose or fulfilment because you are giving back and helping someone towards achieving progress in their own lives. You should also consider volunteering on platforms like Women and Career to mentor others.

Year ends




Re-Evaluate Your Goals

It’s OK if you didn’t check all the goals you set for yourself this year. Nevertheless, you should take out time to reflect on how the goals you set and did achieve influenced progress in your personal and professional life. Remember, according to Socrates,’the unexamined life is not worth living’. There are so many goal setting apps to help you with that.

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