Tips on Dealing with Career Challenges

Career Challenges

Life is not a walk in the park’ is a common adage that comes to mind when things get though. Career Challenges are real. No matter what stage you are in your career journey, there will always be mountains to climb and hurdles to surmount but the question is, how do you do so successfully?


Identify the Source of the Problem:

First, to avoid going round in circles, be clear about what you are up against. Ask yourself; in what ways am I contributing to this problem and what percentage is coming from without? Doing so provides the frame work for solving the problem.
Face your Fear: Fear can hamper the chances of reaching the career goals you set for yourself. Fear can be best defined in this context as the lack of courage, timidity, poor self-esteem and the list goes on. Remember that whatever stage you are; you will always face the challenges that are peculiar to that stage and even more. So it’s best to deal with fear head on. Scott Holden, CMO of ThoughtSpot, faced his fear of public speaking which was a recurring activity attached to his role as a marketing executive. He converted his fear to an advantage by building his self-confidence.


Talk to Senior Colleagues:

There is something about those who have gone ahead of you or those who have walked the path you are trying to navigate successfully. It is that they are familiar with the challenges you are trying to tackle. Do not neglect the wealth of insight and knowledge from someone who ‘has been there’ because of pride or the fear to ask. Trying to get things done on your own might take a much longer time than it would have when you are surrounded by those who can offer you help and support and those who know the way.



Close the Gaps

Are there ways you feel less than, unqualified, and not capable. Take notes of those gaps and identify (starting with the simple ones so you don’t get overwhelmed) ways you can close the gap that makes you feel that you can’t take the steps to power advancement in your career

Be Adaptable

There will be times when you will find yourself in a completely different role, a new organization or a new team. A LinkedIn survey showed that hiring managers prefer candidates that are quick to adapt to change than those who do not. Change is constantly happening in the business environment, in order not to fizzle out and to remain relevant in the organization or in your career, being adaptable is an asset you will need to invest in.


Stay Prepared for Career Challenges

Anticipating challenges is better than keeping your fingers crossed. It makes you stay prepared. When setting life goals, it is expected that you anticipate obstacles that you could encounter in the process of achieving them. Likewise, always anticipate challenges as you make progress in your career journey. Staying prepared helps you conquer quickly and effectively whatever it is that might stand in the way of getting things done.

What career challenges are you facing at the moment? Career challenges are a given in your professional life, so,you have to be adaptable and constantly learn ways to navigate the hurdles successfully.



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