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To ensure your company is on the right track to profitability, it is important to find the best way to carry out employee productivity assessment.

This is also important to make sure the company is running smoothly, given that their continued growth is integral to your business’ success.

Irrespective of their job descriptions, it is always important to be reflective about our practice and what we can do to become better and better.

See some things you can do to ensure employee’s productivity is measured accurately and efficiently.

Make use of a Software Program
Using a software program is a great way to accurately measure employee growth. This way, the process is clear and you also can keep reviews organized so that everything is in the same place and all involved are on the same page about what is expected and where to find it.

Ask for Daily or Weekly Updates
Asking for updates is a good way to encourage productivity in your employees. Checking in at intervals helps them step up their productivity levels as you will notice how they are progressing. If each Friday, for example, they need to send you things they accomplished throughout the week, they will be sure to do those things because they know the update is coming. This is also a way for them to monitor their own progress.

Spend Some Time Observing Them While They’re Working
This can be a good indicator of how productive an employee is. If you watch them work, you will be able to tell if they are focused or not and how hard they work. Part of performance is also about how they get along with customers and co-workers. It helps boost morale, and the company will make more of a profit.

Set Clear Expectations Ahead of Time
It is important for employees to know the expectations ahead of time. They should know if they’ll be reviewed based on their sales or how they conduct themselves in meetings Spelling it out for them means that when it comes time for their evaluation, there is no confusion as to what the expectations were. Use these employee evaluation templates as a baseline.

Let the Data Speak for Itself
If you’re in a situation where you have to discipline or even fire an employee, you should have accurate and clear data so they don’t feel as though you are targeting them. This can be especially important if there’s an employee you don’t get along with. If you go about disciplining them with no evidence, they’ll feel as if they’re being targeted, which could cause you a lot of problems. If there is sufficient data proving that they are not doing well with their job, then no one can argue with that.

Measure Their Progress by Tasks, Not Time
Everyone works at their own pace. Some people are more meticulous about their work and might spend more time than someone who is good, but less meticulous. If you are focusing on how much time was spent on a project, you aren’t really getting an accurate depiction of their work, particularly when it comes to employee productivity.

It is not always easy to be the one who has to monitor employee progress. It is important that it is done in a way that helps the employee and the company grow.



Jane Egerton-Idehen

Jane Egerton-Idehen is a telecommunication executive with over 13 years’ experience in the Nigerian, Liberian and Ghanaian telecommunications markets. Jane has a strong passion for promoting girls in STEM and ensuring women in STEM industries remain and grow their careers in that industry. She curates her thoughts around her career journey, experiences and passion in life.