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The dynamics of the corporate space has changed drastically, all thanks to COVID-19. One of the changes that is now fully established is remote working. As such, recruiters are looking at key factors that makes a candidate stand out. These key factors are the soft skills a candidate possess.

As remote work continues to be an essential component of today’s work place, candidates will need to demonstrate that they have soft skills that will enable them be effective besides the technical skills needed for the job.

So, imagine two people being interviewed for the position of customer support team manager. Both candidates have what it takes to deliver on a professional level, however, one is more apt in relating with people based on his past behavior and the assessment of the interviewer. That is to say, he possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Who do you think will get the job?

Before going for an interview, you will need to assess your ability and prepare ahead. Below are some of the essential soft skills that are in demand in this current time.

Emotional Intelligence

Many people underwent moments of high level of stress following the pandemic. Isolation, grief, illnesses, spousal loss of job are some of the events that may be taking a toll on employees in the work place. As such, it only becomes necessary that recruiters look out for candidates who can show empathy to their colleagues who may be going through hard times.

Emotional intelligence is having the capacity to show compassion to others.

A recent survey showed that a higher percentage of employers prefer candidates with EQ over candidates with high IQ; and hence, are more likely to promote candidates with EQ over those with IQ. Talk about adapting to the changes caused by COVID 19.

Time Management Skills

Candidates who can demonstrate that they know what task comes first and what task should be put to a later date have gotten their prioritization and time management skills right. This will help you meet deadlines and also increase your productivity.

Besides the aforementioned soft skills, some hiring managers clearly spell out the soft skills they expect candidates to have for the role they are applying for.

Assess your ability in terms of those skills and prepare ahead before going for the interview.

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