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Do you desire a career in the entertainment industry? Are you on the verge of switching your present career for one in the entertainment industry? Are you fascinated by this industry and wish to know more about it? If yes, then this post is for you.

Most people assume the entertainment industry is solely about the glitz and glamour we see daily on the television. Trust me, you are not alone in this thought. I honestly thought the same too, up until I had my bubbles bubbles busted by a dear friend. Behind this very glamorous industry, are rigors and challenges that entertainers must go through before thriving in this industry – and this is just stating it mildly.

Even though the journey to success in any industry is never totally Rosy, but you can at least make the thorns easier on your flesh. This is why, just for your sake, we have compiled 5 important things to know before joining the entertainment industry. Having a basic knowledge of these 5, is sure to smoothen your journey to stardom in the entertainment industry. Here goes;

  • Know your legal rights – The entertainment industry comprises of laws that encompass several legal areas such as copyrights, trademarks, contract, multimedia law, intellectual property, book publishing, tradesecret, rights of privacy and publicity, securities, tax, tort, corporate law, international law, constitutional law, labour law etcetara.
    Because of the delicate nature of these laws, it is important that an aspiring entertainer invests a little in having a basic understanding of his/her legal rights, the limits dictated by the laws of the industry and the law’s expectations of you as an entertainer. Basic laws such as those related to pay (Royalties), education and labour laws should be grasped with both hands.
    Yet, while it is important you know your legal rights, it is more important to get a qualified and trustworthy legal representation when you finally venture into this industry. As an entertainer, this is important to you because you want to know the legal obligations and the exact wordings of any agreement you append your signature to. Most of these agreements (especially the talent agreement have far-reaching implications which does affect the rights and choices of an entertainer, given its rigid binding nature.
    There’s a saying that “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse”. This saying is even more true in the entertainment industry. As an entertainer, one of your possible worst nightmares could be waking up to realize that you are bound by the law to honor a contract that will freeze your growth or ruin your career in the long term, simply because you thought it a harmless agreement at the time of signing and didn’t see the need yo request for a legal representation.
  • Understand the digital marketing – We live in an age and time where internet is everything and everyone is online. Because if this, there is every need for an aspiring entertainer to understand the basics of digital marketing. From reaching a wider target audience to increasing your brand awareness, from managing and improving your brand reputation to drawing more customers and getting better Return on Investment (ROI), learning the basics of digital marketing helps you to achieve all these and more.
    Digital marketing includes social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords, content marketing and so forth, depending on the particular sphere of the entertainment industry that you are venturing into. The good news is, most information you need for a basic understanding of digital marketing is online and for free too. Simply putting one or two various search engines will bring up results that you can utilize appropriately.
    Of course, for someone that knows nil about digital marketing, this might seem like a herculean task , but hey, the efforts you put into learning the basics of this will be worth it. The trick is to keep it simple, learn a new trick from the various options per day and you will be good to go.
  • Invest in a good team – Most people either neglect or consider the importance of having a good team as irrelevant in the entertainment industry. But the truth is, its importance cannot be overemphasized. Having a good team means having people (agencies, managers, personal assistant, secretaries e.t.c) that you can trust to manage your day-to-day activities, contracts, shows, schedule, while you concentrate on creating great contents. These people take away the stress of you having to do certain chores and practically run your itinerary, while finding better ways to make you remain relevant in the grand scheme of things. Most often, they need done specialized skillset and experience in order to efficiently carry out their duties. As an aspiring entertainer, a little research about the agencies you would love to sign with, what they are looking for in their entertainers, their work culture and skillset, as well as the level of support they offer to their artists. Knowing all these could go a long way in saving you from a lot of headaches in the future.
  • Believe in your act and commit to building a brand – The journey into the entertainment industry is never as smooth as it looks. In this industry, there is zero tolerance for untalented artists, costly mistakes and late delivery of projects. On the other hand, there is high competition, scandal, rejection, criticism and even backbiting. The trick is to never take things personally.
    Yes, in order to survive in the showbiz industry -as it is popularly called, you must develop a tough skin and learn to be your own number one cheerleader. You have to be self-motivated and believe in your act, before others can believe in it.
    Never forget that the competition is high and so, you must be 100% committed to building your brand. And building your brand involves knowing your target audience (what is the demographic nature of your audience?), have great contents, dish them out regularly (definitely not once in a blue moon!), back it up with a topnotch digital marketing strategy and ensure that you keep your fanbase devoted to you and your brand.
  • Have a ready-to-do sponsor – Sponsors in the entertainment industry are people who are willing to meet the financial commitments that you incur as you try to stabilize in your new career. Aside financially, sponsors can also be a great help in opening doors for you where ordinarily, you wouldn’t have been able to enter, even if you have the money to sponsor yourself. Sponsors could be in form of angel investors, venture capitalists, art council’s, major labels and publishing companies. However, it is important to note that some sponsors may expect something in return for the help they give you while you start your career. Before committing yourself to any sponsor, be sure that you are very clear in what is expected from you by your sponsor both now and in the future. Be sure too that at whatever point, you would be able to meet the expectations from your sponsor.

Finally, undertake more research about this industry, specifically about the sphere you wish to venture into. Talk to friends. Make contacts with people already in the industry. Visit their meeting points. It never hurts to understand the complexities behind your proposed career paths. In fact, it is sure to save you a lot of regrets in the future.

But while you are doing that, if you’ve found this article helpful, why not share with your friends and loved ones who might also be in need of this article? Don’t forget to like and comment on it too – because we can’t wait to hear from you.


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