How to Keep Moving Forward in Year 2020


The year 2020 is here! It is not the year to be complacent but the year to keep moving forward.

A few years ago, I learnt a great lesson while scanning through the pages of a Nigerian national newspaper. A particular column caught my attention. It was titled “milestone”. The introduction read “even at the ripe age of 95, the presence of chief (Mrs) Serah Oyeladun Babarinsa, the matriarch of the Babanrinsa family of Okemesi still meant a lot to many people”.

What grabbed my attention was her relevance at 95! She kept moving forward throughout the seasons of her life.

On the one hand, there are people who have achieved success in their lives and as such become complacent. On the other hand, there are people who hide behind the curtains of excuses as to why life has not thrown them the lucky bracelet.

Excuses create invisible barriers on our path. It prevents us from taking the steps that can lead to lifetime achievement.


Leave the Past Behind:

I watched a movie where a married couple was having an argument based on what happened in the past. Their marriage counsellor told them to “let the past be in the past. When you want to succeed, you have to let go of the things in the past. The more you dwell on them the stronger the hold it has on you and the tougher it becomes to let go. Let the past always be in the past so you can move forward.



Take the Steps:

To achieve anything at all, you have to take the steps to achieving them. Little things done one day at a time can produce greater results in the future. Don’t be over-familiar with the cliché “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. An acquaintance once told me that “the difference between the poor and the rich is the step they take. Either a step forward or a step backwards”. So which step will you take today to move your life forward?


Know Your Weaknesses and Maximize Your Strength:

Nothing enables your progress like knowledge about your limitations and the things you are capable of achieving. Knowing your weaknesses help you put in the required effort needed to minimize them. Knowing the things you are good at helps you focus your energy on maximizing those capabilities. This prevents you from being in the dark. When you have that light you can see clearly where you are headed in life.



Desire To Reach New Heights:

I know someone who always says “our best is yet to come” after achieving a feat with his team. When you take a look at their output you will think it is the best ever but wait for the next one and you will be blown away! Meanwhile, for some achieving something so great means that there is nothing more attainable. Another friend speaking to his family said: “whenever I achieve something great, I celebrate it at that moment and immediately after, I think of ways I can do something greater than what I just achieved”.

Being complacent will hinder progress to do more, you are a bundle of endless potentials.