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How does science play a role in your career growth? To be able to wake up to the glory of this morning, I can imagine you slept for a few hours last night; most probably walked from your bed to the bathroom for a quick shower before heading out to work. The short distance from your ride to your office counts for something and is something you do every workday, right?
Career growth is something we hardly ever associate science with, but science forms the basis of our daily activities.




Science postulates that a daily occurrence such as sleep can help us in our career growth. Science explains that sleep is associated with a state of muscle relaxation and reduced perception of environmental stimuli while the body system is in an anabolic state. In this state, science tells us that our immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems are restored; and these vital processes helps to maintain our mood, memory, and cognitive function. In The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington shows that sleep is not just vital for our health, but also critical to helping us achieve our goals.

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Those periodic walks, jogs and skipping that we so neglect; the dancing, skiing, tennis-playing, golfing e.t.c that you merely enjoy as a hobby; science tells us our work productivity can be greatly improved with less than one hour a day of physical activity. Michael Mantell, PhD, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: P.S. It’s All Small Stuff says that “Exercise promotes a more mentally balanced, self-controlled, less stressed, approach in many situations, which is necessary to creative thinking”. Exercise improves hormones and boosts areas of the brain that is responsible for social interactions, memory, navigation, and emotion regulation.


career growth


Even in food, science explains the importance of healthy-eating. Science tells us that a glass of smoothies, a bowl of fruit salad, a side dish of healthy vegetables, a handful of nuts (walnut, almond nuts, cashew nuts, groundnut e.t.c.) or a bowl of fortified cereals could make a whole lot of difference in our work productivity.



In the various methods of relaxation that we choose, science explains that it could be instrumental in achieving career growth. The lounging on a sofa while reading a book, the evening walks in the park, the low classic music playing in the background, the movie nights, games or hangouts with friends; science tells us that these activities can help relieve stress, which in turn enhances our work productivity.

In our life;

Science tells us that every daily activity we undertake could have a prominent effect on other facets of our life. These monumental effects go beyond affecting our health, to having an effect on our career growth. So next time you consider those daily action of yours as insignificant, remember they can be instrumental to your overall growth and put more effort into carrying them out.



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