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BeforeIturn18AJ Dec 16 2017

A free event by Sozo Networks with support from Women and Career as a partner. They are working on making sustainable grassroot impacts, serving the underserved and the marginalized communities. Consumed with our passion...


I thought civilization was all about education So I got educated only to realize It’s still the same Africa Just with more educated women And educated or not The best that is expected of...

Gender Roles and its Effect on Today’s Society

Gender Roles and its Effect on Today’s Society Before discussing Gender Roles, we need to first understand what Gender roles mean. ‘’Gender roles are learned behaviours by a person as appropriate to their gender,...


Minute, unseen, unheard “She’s just a woman,” you say Words depicting insignificance An underestimation of her multiple capabilities.   “Just a woman,” you say Yet her hands cradle the future Her very womb ensures...

Ashesi University AIX 2016

Panel member during the roundtable for the Ashesi Innovation Experience 2016. .

Discussing Career at Lagos Working Professionals July 17, 2017

An evening with other professionals discussing careers,