This is the year we came, we saw and will conquer! It is a year punctured with so many storms beyond our control, yet we will rise.

The outcome of any challenge depends on our response to it. Do we let them pull us down or keep hope alive by finding the silver lining in the dark cloud?

Here are five ways we can end year 2020 with a bang regardless of what we have been through.


Sometimes, when challenges get tougher, the first thing that comes to mind is “why am I doing this in the first place?” At moments like that, you may want to quit what you started with so much enthusiasm. But when you know what your life is about and how that connects with the goal you are pursuing, you may persevere until you achieve the desired result. One thing to note about quitting is that you never win.

So, it is a given that you may grow weary from time to time; but because your purpose is calling at every given moment, even when you fall, you get up and keep pushing until you have reached the desired end. Having a clarity of purpose helps you see a light at the end of the tunnel even in the darkest of times.

No form of accomplishment will be free from obstacles to overcome. It is clarity of purpose that gives you the stamina to persevere.


This year 2020 came with lots of unpleasant surprises. For some, this year may have been nothing to write home about. However, it is important to note that nothing just happens. Every unpleasant situation brings with them some lessons or insights. These lessons help us build capacity for our next level of success or achievement.  

If you look through history, you find that the best and most profound achievements happened from the place of adversity. SARS 2003, the great depression of the 1930’s and that of 2008 paved the way for innovations in businesses.

Life is in seasons. No season is empty. Therefore, if you cannot understand what each season brings to help you in your journey, whether it is a sweet or bitter experience, you may miss out on important clues or landmarks that you need to know for the journey ahead.

Sit, think, reflect and ponder about the business, career and life lessons you have learnt this year and how that will help you to position yourself better for the year ahead.


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Success is relative; but for many, success means the ability to earn more money, gain more material possession, and become significant leaders in their industry.

But your business may not have hit the financial goals you had planned at the beginning of this year, or you may not have gotten that promotion or recognition at work. Whatever your story is, do not allow the obvious definition of success make you think less of yourself or drive you into depression. Our common view of what success is, is only one side of the coin.

Success can also be measured by the number of lives your work, business, resources, talents, etc. have impacted. An ancient proverb says ‘the worth of a man’s life is not in the number of things he has, but in the number of lives he impacts along the way.’

Impacting the lives of others is no easy feat. So, give yourself a pat on the back for making your life worth much more.

Also, you won’t be fair to yourself if you measure your success in comparison with that of your peers. Your journey and purposes in life are not the same.


Most of us at the beginning of each year engage in the ritual of setting the goals for the year. With everything that has happened so far, it may have been difficult for those things we put down on paper to have materialized.

This may make you feel overwhelmed about the goals you will set for the coming year. You should know that one level of success forms the foundation for another. Some goals may sometimes need more than a year to achieve. As you evaluate the goals you hit this year, do not allow yourself to become unnecessarily tensed over the ones you could not achieve. Your journey is still ahead of you.


In “brave”, an animated fantasy film, Princess Merida the protagonist and a skilled archer ripped a very tight-fitted dress her mum had forced her to wear that was preventing her from shooting for her own hand in marriage. Her parents had hosted an archery contest to find her a suitable life partner. But Merida would rather marry herself than go along with her parents wishes. She aimed her arrow and got the shot.

Like Merida, you may need to rip from your life anything that is preventing you from soaring your wings higher.

By now, you may have noticed those little things in your personality, mindset or people in your network that are hampering you from reaching your full potential.

Rather than look the other way, it will be better to nip it early in the bud so you can be free to accomplish the things you have set your mind to do.

The year 2020 may not have been smooth as we anticipated at the beginning, but we are finishing strong!

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