See 5 things every woman should do while waiting for her dream job

It's a no-brainer that getting a university degree is not enough. Especially in this male-dominated world, women have to do ...
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“Leave Work – Stress At work” – Follow these steps

"It easy !!" We know that. Then why are lots of people suffering from work triggered stress? Sometimes stress from ...
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How to stand out and earn more respect at work and from friends

A lot of women are of the opinion that they are not being respected and treated as fairly as their ...
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Great News, Sex is good for your career – See why

Many times we worry, thinking sex and career do not mix. However, a bad day at work can affect how ...
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World's most powerful woman Michelle Obama

4 Weapons the world’s most powerful women use to conquer in love, career, life

A lot of women are unaware of their power and the potentials they have inside them. Nature has blessed women ...
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