Career and Personal Growth: 5 Tips to Accelerate Your Progress

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career and personal growth

Every professional desires career and personal growth. This growth comes from learning new skills and gaining new experiences. Accomplished professionals have consistently emphasized the need for young professionals to be responsible for their own progress. Experiencing career and personal growth will enhance the feeling of fulfilment in your overall life.




Year Ends
Do the people you have in your inner circle spur you to growth on many levels? Have you been at the same point in your life for a number of years both personally and professionally? You need people who will stir you to high levels of achievement.

For example, I met a friend two decades ago in a higher institution of learning. Whenever we are making conversations, I am always motivated to do things better. She was the first person to tell me about online courses. We are still friends today and support each other in pursuing our dreams.

In another case, Tara-Fela Durotoye the pioneer of Bridal Makeup in Nigeria and Founder of the House of Tara International experienced financial success in her business because of an advice proffered by the former MD of Guaranty Trust Bank. If he wasn’t in her circle, she wouldn’t have had access to key information to move her business forward.

The kind of people you have in your circle could to a large extent determine the kind of growth you experience along the way. Cultivate relationships with people that can accelerate your progress in life.



In 2017, I wrote an article titled “Five career lessons to learn from Aisha Ahmad”. A few days later I decided to check how the article was performing. I was surprised and proud to see that many other blogs had reposted the article. Many people reached out to me. Some asked if they could repost some of my articles on their blog and I agreed. My contributions were not only making impact, but I was also building new connections and reaching wider audiences.

In the area of your specialities, what are you sharing with the world that will convert into an asset for you tomorrow? For instance, Toyin Umesiri the convener Trade with Africa Business Summit in the past year consistently shared her contributions to the international trade sector. Toyin has been named by a LinkedIn Influencer as one of those who made an impact on Linkedin and beyond last year. This has increased the awareness of her work among other top influencers.

Curate your online activity to showcase the work you do. You can never tell the doors of opportunity that will open up to you.



career and personal growth
I have employed volunteering to propel my career advancement. Since I found out how much it contributes to my personal and professional portfolio, I have not looked back. I keep seeking for projects that I can contribute to and also learn from.

I started volunteering for a nonprofit not too long ago. That one step has given me access to a number of professional trainings at no cost and opportunities that when I look back, I wonder where I would have been if I had not taken that step.

Volunteering has over the years enabled me to bag new skills, gain work experience, widened my world perspective, build new and solid connections all of which have contributed to growth in my personal life and career.
Sho madjozi won the Best New International Act at the BET awards this year. She started her career three years ago and here she is! One of the things that contributed to this feat is involvement in her community. It gave her the visibility that fast-tracked her success.

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to volunteer so you can take your career many years forward.



career and personal growth

Reading shapes your life positively. It helps you learn from other people’s perspective hence broadening yours. It helps you gain knowledge that puts you ahead in many situations. I read about the life of Udo Okonjo a real estate mogul. There was a certain time she was struggling financially and she found the answer to her financial struggles in a book. Today she teaches women how to live an empowered and abundant life. She also teaches women how to become financially free through investing in real estate.



Are you in a job where your natural abilities don’t come to life? When you are in a job where you don’t feel like waking up to every other day, the tendency for you to just pass time will exist. However, I have learnt that one should take advantage of anything you cannot change.

I was in a seminar a few months back and a senior executive shared how she rose to a management position. Bisola (not real name) graduated as an Engineer and wanted to work in one of the oil and gas companies. The job wasn’t forthcoming no matter how hard she tried. But then, another opportunity opened up in a completely different industry as a retail sales executive. Bisola got the job and gave it her all. To cut a long story short, after seven years, she was heavily recommended by senior colleagues for a management position. She wouldn’t have risen to a management level if her deliverables didn’t exceed expectations. She maximized time rather than let it pass.

If you are in a position or job you don’t like, think of what you can do or learn to make every moment count. The future you are aspiring to is the sum of the moments you are making happen today. Take advantage of time, don’t let it pass.